Cross now ready to top Motherhouse tower

February 27, 2009 by

The refurbished tower cross graces the dining room at the Motherhouse this week.

Removal. Check.

Repair and restoration. Check.

Signatures filling the inside surfaces. Check.

And this morning, Feb. 27, a special blessing. Check.

Now all that remains is to return the 107-year-old cross to its honored spot at the highest point on the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse in Concordia.

The lightweight metal cross had graced the top tower of the historic Nazareth Convent and Academy since it was built in 1902. It was removed in September 2008 when maintenance workers discovered damage to both the cross and its base.

Over the last several months, maintenance employees repaired the damage and strengthened and repainted the structure. All this week the nearly-6-foot-tall structure has been on display at the Motherhouse and available for sisters and staff to sign its inside surfaces.

Then, the cross was blessed as part of the 11 a.m. Mass at the Motherhouse this morning.

The next step will be for Geisler Roofing of Concordia to put it back atop the seven-story tower, 110 feet off the ground. The timing of that will depend on the weather; a windfree day is needed for what could be a dangerous task.


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