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From Loretta Jasper, CSJ, who is spending a month working at Rose Barracks, Vilseck, Germany. To learn more about her mission, click HERE.

Sunday, 2/1 was a day spent at Dachau and in Munich–two hours’ drive south of Vilseck.

Dachau, without a doubt, is more than an event of standing on holy ground. The museum comprised of halls and halls of picture/story boards depicting the story of torture, annihilation and sheer human endurance captured my attention and held my spirit of wanting to know as much as possible about the human story of those dreadful years of genocide.

The day itself was piercing cold, one which caught my attention of how it must have been for the hungry, weak, ill, thinly clothed (or naked) must have even begun to endure just the standing in the yard twice a day for hours unable to twitch without being beaten. I who had three layers, able to move about, and stand and read the history was finding the cold a challenge.

It is my interest to make a pilgramage to several of the concentration camps within a car’s drive or train ride on weekends while I am here.

Munich is a place destroyed for the most part by the WWII bombings, with buildings replaced by replicas of the original. We lunched at the Houferhaus–famous beer hall–which was also one of the sites of entertainment for Hitler. The stories one place can tell.

Trekking the streets as we did in Munich, we moved in/out of several churches destroyed and replicated in the rebuilding.

Monday, 2/2 began my first day on Rose Barracks Army post in Vilseck. My colleague at the partner post twenty minutes away oriented me to the post/people and ways to continue relationships the prior team has begun. Connie returns to San Diego tomorrow as a result of completing her 45 day assignment at Graf Army post. She was splendid and most thorough in passing the baton to me for both posts until her replacement arrives on Fri..

Vilseck is a post for persons who are in between deployments to/from Iraq/Afghanistan.

I am most aware that each of you is in my pocket as I continue to be about the Mission.

Loretta Jasper


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