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From Loretta Jasper, CSJ, who is working for a month at Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany. To learn more about her mission, click HERE.

For those of you who are interested: Google “Fasching” to learn more about (pre-lenten) Karneval ala’ Germany/Bavaria.

Vilseck where I stay is a small town…7000, population I would guess. Their Fasching parade which brought in folks from the neighboring towns “rocked”. There were probably 100 different groups who paraded the four blocks. There was no jewelry pitched but an endless supply of individually wrapped candy, and popcorn. And shots of spirits. Of course, since there is “no water” in Germany/Bavaria, it was a rare adult who walked in the parade without a containor of spirits–to sustain strength. So fun to be a part of. All ages, sizes; colors of costume and who knows the theme! Just fun! And this was a small parade!

Of course, Angelika’s (hotel owner) 23 y.o. son and friends were in and out the previous night and all day Sunday preparing for the parade. One of the male friends, a trumpet player in one of the parade bands, came to the hotel wearing a pink wig, black dress, make-up, and two of his little girl’s soft squeaky toys which he borrowed to complete his womanly look. In order to use the toys, he promised her a post-parade surprise.

Generators were anchored to either the large farm tractor (John Deere, of course, my brother!), or the hitch between the float and the tractor to amplify the sound system on each float. Please understand: this was NOTHING compared to the inaugural parade of several weeks ago. The parade in DC was quieter and more regal. Did I take photos? Of course! The small cluster of us who walked to the parade from the hotel had a great time.

Saturday was a 2-hour drive to Regensburg for exploration. Four of us went. Once again buildings dating at least to the 7th century of mammoth size and spectacular architecture. Of course, we had to test a few of the breads and ethnic menus.

I have discovered, with being in Germany, that it is best to first pay for a tour of the city to get a bird’s view and the historical explanation. Highlights for further visiting and exploring can then follow.

Loretta Jasper


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