Record number sign Concordia’s Civility Pledge

April 11, 2014 by

web-2013-Undated-PeaceLogoCOLORA record number of Concordians stepped up to sign a public “Civility Pledge” sponsored by the Year of Peace Committee.


This year’s pledge — with 313 signatures — was published in the Concordia Blade-Empire today (April 11) and is available to download here;  just CLICK HERE.


In 2010, when the committee first introduced the Civility Pledge, it garnered 244 signatures. In 2011, that number grew to 299, and then grew to 309 in 2012. Last year committee members asked state senators and representatives as well as members of the governor’s cabinet to join Concordians in making a public commitment to civility in “public discourse and behavior.” That resulted in a total of 243 signatures.


People signing the pledge promise to be “civil in my public discourse and behavior” and “respectful of others whether or not I agree with them” and to “stand against incivility when I see it.”


Sister Jean Rosemarynoski, who chairs the Year of Peace Committee, said that while it’s important to recognize this record number in the Pledge’s fifth year, it emphasizes an important idea no matter how often or how many make the promise of civility.


“This means being respectful despite our differences of opinion,” she said. “We want to get the message out, and then encourage everyone to live that message: That all people must be treated with dignity and respect.”


The Year of Peace Committee came together in late 2009 as a result of an “interest group” at the Community Needs Forum working lunches hosted by the Sisters of St. Joseph.  Anyone who wants more information about the continuing Concordia Year of Peace or would like to be part of the committee may contact Sister Jean at 785/243-2149 or by email at


Each year the Blade-Empire has generously donated space to publish the signatures.








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