What advice do they have?

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As they sat together just two weeks before the end of the nine-month Federation Novitiate, each of the novices along with two of the directors was asked what one thing they would tell a woman who wanted to know more about the program. Here are their responses:


web-Brodie,Christina-Concordia-MUGSISTER CHRISTINA BRODIE, Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia: “It’s such a rich and deep experience. I think it was a pretty much deep awakening for each of us in our own way as to the depth of the development of this program and the speakers who have been flown in from everywhere. It’s been a fabulous intensity.”
web-Carbotte,Christine-Ontario-MUGSISTER CHRISTINE CARBOTTE, Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada: “Try not to get frustrated by not remembering it all — because there’s so much to absorb, so much to learn. Take notes and unpack it over a lifetime. Also, be open to some of the other activities, being exposed to some of our history, like the lacemaking… That connects me to our history, to our foundations, to our first sisters."
web-Larocque,MaryAnne-Ontario-MUGSISTER MARY ANNE LAROCQUE, Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada: “I’d just say to her, ‘Roll up your sleeves and squeeze out every opportunity for enrichment. Don’t waste a minute.’ ”
web-Smith,Donna-Ontario-MUGSISTER DONNA SMITH, Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada: “I would definitely tell her to incorporate everybody she meets. The sisters here have really made us feel welcome, in the novitiate and in community events. So it’s not just focused on study, study, study; you have to be able to be with the sisters and take in all that knowledge and how it works with you.”
web-Urbinelli,Patricia-Watertown-MUGSISTER PATRICIA URBINELLI, Sisters of St. Joseph of Watertown, N.Y.: “Expect the unexpected. And expect it to be deeper than you could ever imagine. Learn more about yourself, your relationships with other people and especially your relationship with God. And be true to yourself.”
web-READY-Suther,Betty-DSC_3070SISTER BETTY SUTHER, Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia; novice director and Manna House administrator: “Be prepared — to have a deep experience. Often people say, ‘You’ll never have another opportunity like this to just focus yourself and your spiritual growth,’ and probably that’s true. So make the most of it, milk it for all it’s worth, get out of it what you can, and take all your notes and have your backpack filled when you leave."
web-READY-Ashwood,Ann-2013-DSC_3267SISTER ANN ASHWOOD, Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, novitiate program director: “I would say, Know yourself.”


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