WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Eager shoppers turn out for Holiday Boutique

November 12, 2016 by

Five-month-old Malachi Skeels, held by his mom Carissa, meets Sister Ramona Medina as his grandmother Rosie Skeels, left, and Jane Wahlmeier look on.

Five-month-old Malachi Skeels, held by his mom Carissa, meets Sister Ramona Medina as his grandmother Rosie Skeels, left, and Jane Wahlmeier look on.


The annual Holiday Boutique was scheduled to open at 9 this morning (Saturday, Nov. 12), but eager shoppers and the brisk outdoor temperature encouraged the Neighbor to Neighbor staff to open the doors a few minutes early. And the place was packed by 9 a.m.

One of the biggest draws was the collection of nativity sets donated by Maria Jindra and available for a freewill donation that will go to the Cloud County Resource Center. Over the course of the day, shoppers took home dozens of the pieces and donated more than $500.

Another big draw was the bake sale, featuring all homemade cookies, candies, breads and other treats. Then shoppers and supporters could turn their attention to the array of tables and stands loaded down with hand-crafted children’s toys and clothes, decorations, quilts, kitchen items and jewelry.

All the items are made by the women who come to the center, along with friends and supporters of the Sisters of St. Joseph who operate Neighbor to Neighbor.

The event ended with a drawing for five prizes:

  • JULIE McGINNIS won the  “Heart to Heart” quilt, hand-appliqued and hand-quilted blocks created by master quilter Sandra Detrixhe and friends.
  • CINDY DUNLAP won the two sets of hand-carved football and baseball miniatures, one in mahogany and one in mesquite. Hand-carved and donated by Duane Blake of Apache Junction, Ariz.
  • LUCAS DEAL AND HIS DAUGHTER AVALIN won the Barbie-sized fashion doll with her own lace-covered wicker closet filled with outfits handmade by Sister Susan Stoeber.
  • THE DEALS also won the lovely doll, hand dressed as a Native American by Jean Wilcox and Fran Shaw. She comes with a stand to display for years to come.
  • SISTER CARM THIBAULT won the collectible doll, with display stand, with her own wardrobe hand-crafted by Sister Susan Stoeber.

All proceeds from the annual event support the programs, artists and craftswomen at Neighbor to Neighbor.


2 Responses to “WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Eager shoppers turn out for Holiday Boutique”

  1. Loretta Jasper on November 13th, 2016 6:42 am

    The day was lovely! Regular and new patrons walked through the door. Regular and new crafts and baked goods were ready and available for patrons to enjoy and purchase.

    This csj made it a point to “snag” special handcrafted aprons, potholders, towels, and pot scrubbers from Neighbor-to-Neighbor in Concordia for use in the soon to open Neighbor-2-Neighbor: Abilene, sponsored by the local citizens, church and civic groups of Abilene. Inter-county neighborliness focusing on women and children! Spreading the Mission and charism!

  2. Missy Ljungdahl on November 12th, 2016 9:18 pm

    What a great event! Everything looks so lovely. I’m glad it went well.

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