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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church


Concordia chamber honors three sisters

The three Sisters of St. Joseph who last year opened a center for women in downtown Concordia were honored this evening with the 2010 Kaleidoscope Award.

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The award was presented as part of the Concordia Area Chamber of Commerce “State of the Community” dinner. Making the presentation was Chrissy Henderson, who had nominated the women behind Neighbor to Neighbor — Sisters Jean Befort, Pat McLennon and Ramona Medina — for the award.

“They saw a need and they wanted to meet it,” Henderson said in making the presentation. “And whatever that need is — emotional, educational, spiritual — they are helping women and their children,” noting that she takes part in programs with her two children.

Neighbor to Neighbor opened in downtown Concordia in May 2010. Through the end of the year, the center had recorded more than 2,500 visits by women and their children from throughout the Cloud County area. A number of women are also fulfilling community service commitments by working at the center, and the sisters have recruited an array of volunteers to help provide workshops and other programs.

Sister Jean, Pat and Ramona were on hand to receive the award, but they had not been told about it in advance. All three were stunned by the recognition for their work.

The annual Kaleidoscope Award — in the form of a stained-glass plaque — recognizes a person or group who has “dedicated himself or herself to a project that advances Concordia, and … for exhibiting spirit in the pursuit of an idea, passion in the process and determination throughout the completion of the (project), seeking to improve the community.” Last year the award went to the Whole Wall Mural Committee.

Also last year, the entire congregation was honored as the 2009 Volunteers of the Year, receing the LeonGennette Award for Community Service.

That award recognizes the sisters’ work on a variety of projects, including Neighbor to Neighbor. Other projects cited were the Concordia Year of Peace, the Concordia Community Garden of Hope and the Community Needs Forum.

11 thoughts on “Concordia chamber honors three sisters

  • Elizabeth Miller (Betsy Gasperich)

    Dear Sisters,
    Congratulations on your award….you deserve this and much more for all you are doing in Concordia. How fortunate the citizens of Concordia are to have the three of you … caring for them and fulfilling a true mission of love!
    I’m grateful to have known you and to continue seeing what you are doing on this website…..Love, and blessings, always….Betsy

  • Carm Thibault

    Pat, Jean and Ramona, What a neat surprise and honor re your N2N mission – so many great things have happened since you have begun – bringing new life and hope to those coming and helping! Blessings!

  • Lucille Herman

    Congratulations, Ramona, Jean and Pat. You are doing a wonderful job for and with the dear neighbor.

  • Jeanette Wasinger, csj

    I am fortunate to see your labors in ministry at Neighbor to Neighbor, as well as the delight of the women, children, volunteers, and all of the people who ARE NEIGHBORS to everyone! It lifts my spirit to know that this ministry you have established, Jean, Pat and Romona, is being celebrated by the City of Concordia. WE ARE ONE in this journey of bringing life, hope and love to others.

  • Dallas E. Nading

    Congratulations to three great ladies. Just many in your organization.

  • D. Otter

    What a wonderful and merited event! Parabéns!

  • Missy Ljungdahl

    Congratulations, Ramona, Jean, and Pat! Thank you for all you have been and done with Neighbor to Neighbor!

  • Helen Mick

    Congratulations to you all, Sisters and volunteers! You have put much hard work into Neighbor to Neighbor and it is a wonderful blessing to many many folks.

  • Loretta Jasper, csj

    What a testimony to you; to the CSJ Mission; and to the citizens of Concordia.
    The dear neighbor has many faces within Neighbor-to-Neighbor.
    Thank You.

  • Kathy Schaefer

    Congratulations! Sisters Jean, Pat & Ramona

  • Jodi Creten

    Congratulations, Jean, Ramona and Pat for a reward well deserved!

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