The Associate life

In essence, the lifestyle of a CSJ Associate
➢ is guided by the Holy Spirit,
➢ is respectful of the uniqueness of each person,
➢ endeavors to foster growth in love of God and the dear neighbor without distinction,
➢ is a path of contemplative action in the world,
➢ is in the spiritual tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph,
➢ is committed to ongoing participation in the Associate community and CSJ mission.

The CSJ Associate
➢ meets approximately once a month with other Associates and Sisters, providing an experience of community that supports the mission,
➢ participates in the prayer life of the Congregation,
➢ is welcomed to retreats, assemblies and celebrations of the Sisters of St. Joseph,
➢ makes a yearly commitment to live the live the CSJ mission and charism of unioning love, according to her/his life circumstances and chosen ministry, responding to the needs of the ‘dear neighbor,’
➢ is encouraged to make the yearly Associate weekend retreat