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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

Sister Cese Green

(Published June 13, 2009) Sister Cese Green grew up in Herndon, KS, attending St. Mary’s Assumption parish and grade school.  She is now living at the Motherhouse in Concordia and if you think you see her here, there, and everywhere, you’re right! Sister Cese has several full time jobs at the Motherhouse. But, she says with a laugh, “I enjoy what I’m doing so it’s not a job. When I no longer enjoy it, then it’s a job!”

She’s the sacristan, a grounds keeper for the grotto, overseer of the guesthouse, is an out-of-town driver, and a crafts woman.

The former laundry has been converted into her crafts workshop. “Because of the noise level and the smell of varnish, moving my shop out of the Motherhouse was a real blessing to many Sisters!”

Her workshop atmosphere, quiet with gentle music playing in the background, reflects her contemplative spirit.

“I don’t remember how I got started really,” she says. “But I’ve been doing handmade crafts for about sixteen years.” Most of what she does is self taught; however, did take a class in woodworking at Cloud County Community College. Sister Cese finishes furniture, strips, paints, varnishes, whatever! She also does various sewing crafts and her latest venture is learning lace-making from Sister Ramona Medina.

Her philosophy is “make something for others to enjoy!”

Sister Cese has one brother who still farms in Herndon, and a sister living in Nebraska. She visits Herndon regularly. “My brother has tractors in the local parade. We ride on it giving out candy to the kids. It is so fun!”

She enjoys working in the grotto. “I get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. It keeps me close to nature and brings me closer to God!” It means cleaning it in the spring, tilling the ground, planting flowers, trimming rose bushes, weeding and watering all summer. Sister Cese takes great delight in it and in the joy it brings others. “All summer, people come by to enjoy it.”

In addition to her other responsibilities, Sister Cese helps out where needed. She helps with recycling and has done indoor painting at the guest house and the offices. She mentored college students when the CSJ Volunteer Program hosted a spring break alternative, which offered home repairs to the elderly and people in need in Cloud County.   She responded to the call to go to New Orleans to help with Hurricane Katrina cleanup efforts.

Yet, she still finds time to read. “I’m always reading. I read anything – spiritual books, novels, and mysteries. I just like to read!”

Sister Cese says, “The Church needs vocations to the religious life. What better way to spend one’s life than in the service of the Church. Parents, encourage and support your children if they are thinking about a religious vocation.”

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