Annual tour for Concordia fourth-graders, April 29. 2010

Each year, all the fourth-graders from Concordia Elementary School spend one spring afternoon touring the Motherhouse, with Sisters of St. Joseph as their guides.

This group was led by Sister Francis Margaret Otter, who told stories both about the historic building and about the sisters who have lived here throughout the years.

One thought on “Annual tour for Concordia fourth-graders, April 29. 2010

  • May 3, 2010 at 9:30 am

    I have helped give some of the tours to these fourth graders and really enjoyed it. They are so interested and ask great questions. One freckle faced boy with red hair asked me in all seriousness how many boys had entered the convent…! Provided me with an opportunity to talk about vocations…

    The teachers have GREAT ADMIRATION for Sister Margaret Schreck and her tours. One teacher actually added comments along the way to assist me in my tour. It was good.

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