April 18, 2014: Park project demonstrates unity in Concordia, by Caden Williams

April 18, 2014 by

EDITOR’S NOTE: The five-day “build week” for the Concordia Community Park Project is set for April 23-27, and lots of help is still needed. To find out how you can help, CLICK HERE or call project coordinators Janet Lowell (785/243-4141) or Ashley McMillan (785/243-2010).

web-CadenWilliams-MUGThere are many things that bring the people of Concordia together. One of the most recent things would have to be the Community Park Project. I think it really brings people together in the sense of building something better for everyone and it unites the people here.

The project will build a better playground in City Park for people of all ages. People are uniting and donating money for the project and we have reached more than $160,000 in donations.

It’s very easy to get involved with the project. All you would have to do is go to the Park Project website, scroll down till you see a green bubble that says “Donate Now,” click on that and then fill out the form and the amount you want to give.

In addition to donating money, you can volunteer to help build the park. By volunteering for help, you would be helping build unity among others and help make something that will be enjoyed by many. Volunteering for this project would also help people get out and meet other people in the community. It would be a great opportunity to get out and exercise. People can also learn about the history of the project on the same website by clicking on the tab “News.”

This new playground is very helpful to the community and will be greatly appreciated by all those who go to the new park.

In my opinion, the community has really pulled together to help build this new section of the park. The support for this project is astonishing and the extreme efforts will pay off when the park is built. The plans for the park include a tree house, shaky bridge, brick hopscotch and wind turbine tower. All of these have been recommended and paid for by citizens and businesses in Concordia.

All in all, the Community Park Project was a great idea to help build the community up and get them to pull together for this project. Another great idea was to hold a community design day where you could submit one of your ideas to the builders. This brought together everyone’s ideas to produce the design for the community playground. The plans are also available on the website, under the “Images” tab.

 — Caden Williams  is a seventh grader at Concordia Junior High School.  He is the son of Tyler and Jessica Williams. 



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