April 19, 2013: Each of us can do our part to save the environment, by Devin Kymer

April 19, 2013 by

When you drive home, do you see litter along the road? Do you think about the horrible effects this has on the environment? I know I do.

So why can’t the people who are littering think about this? That’s a mystery, but since we can’t stop those people from littering, we can clean up after them.

In order to keep our world clean, everybody needs to do our part.

One thing we can do is take part in a community trash cleanup project! These projects take huge amounts of trash off the streets. If every community were to have these projects, there would be a ton less litter ruining the world. These projects also help bring communities together.

Littering not only hurts the environment visually, but also through pollution. Our water can pick up harmful chemicals by flowing through trash.

What if this contaminated water then flows into a farm field? You could end up basically eating the chemicals from the trash. You can probably imagine the horrible effects this could have on living things.

Another thing we can do to help is recycle. We are wasteful with most of the things we own. Take a few extra seconds to make sure you can recycle an object, and put it in a recycling container. If every family recycles whenever they can, it will pay off through a cleaner world, with more resources.

Is it frustrating to see workers destroying our beautiful forests? Without these forests, some animals cannot live. These forests provide clean air to us. Also, the land where a forest used to be just looks dead after the forest is gone. It’s a lose-lose situation — so start a movement against forest removal! It’s worth a try, and if it saves our forests, there will be great rewards.

Everybody is required to do our part in order to beautify our world. A community bonds together when we work towards a goal as a team, and cleaning up the world cleans up your health! So why wouldn’t you take the time to bring your community together and help purify the Earth?

It’s up to you to save this world, so do your part today.

 — Devin Kymer is an eighth grader at Concordia Junior High School and the son of Jeff and Deanna Kymer. Earth Day is April 22.



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