Aug. 1, 2014: School sports can bring community together, by Skylar Mendenhall

August 1, 2014 by

Skylar Mendenhall

Skylar Mendenhall

Athletics in schools is very important. It has a big impact on individuals, the school as a whole and on the community itself.

Athletics provides opportunities for some athletes to get scholarships and continue their sports careers. For others, it’s an opportunity to build a lifelong activity.

It also promotes school pride that creates a bond between the student and the community that may span the course of a lifetime. There’s nothing like watching your son or daughter play on the same team you did a generation ago.

Athletics can bring great pride to a community. Schools that have consistently successful athletic teams and athletic programs usually have “fans in the stands.” Have you ever been to a KSU football game? People who don’t even know each other high five at every great play their team makes.

That kind of behavior is a direct reflection of how athletics can bring people and a community together. You have a common bond with people and a sense of togetherness.

So get out and support your community high school and junior high teams — even if they aren’t winning. That’s when they need your support even more. That show of support will help bring the community together and help kids understand that winning isn’t everything.

Make a point to get out on a crisp fall night or a beautiful spring day to support the kids who are the future of the community in which you live.

— Skylar Mendenhall is an eighth grader at Concordia Junior High School. She is the daughter of Joy Jensen and Matthew Pruitt.   


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