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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

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Celebrating Milestones in Religious Life For Three Sisters of St. Joseph

We Are God’s Work of Art

The Sisters of St. Joseph gathered to honor three Jubilarians for their years of religious life in the community on June 4, 2023. The theme for this year’s Jubilee celebration was, “We are God’s work of Art” and recognizes the anniversary of the date that each was received into the Community as a Novice. “We are God’s Work of Art was inspired by scripture.
For we are God’s work of art, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has planned for us to do.”
Ephesians 2:10
Sister Loretta Clare Flax celebrated 70 years, Sister Carolyn Juenemann celebrated 60 years and Irmã Janira Diniz celebrated 50 years as Sisters of St. Joseph. Irma Janira lives in Brazil, so wasn’t present at the Motherhouse for the celebration, but was recognized and will celebrate in Brazil in July.

Sisters Loretta Clare and Carolyn received beautiful fresh flower corsages and gathered for photos at their favorite locations at the Motherhouse. The Sacred Heart Chapel and the Grotto were some of their chosen locations. A celebratory Jubilee Mass was held in the chapel with Father Barry Brinkman as the celebrant.
Because the celebration came at the end of the annual June Assembly for which a large number of Sisters who live in other cities and states travel, many were present and able to attend. Congregation President, Sister Jean Rosemarynoski welcomed the attendees and the offertory gifts in the Mass were presented by Sisters Loretta Clare and Carolyn. Musician Sisters Janis Wagner, Betty Suther, Sarah Ganser, and Teresa Hernandez provided beautiful music before and throughout the Mass.

Following the service, the Sisters were welcomed to a memorable celebratory meal in the dining room which was decorated with Jubilee 2023 placemats, flowers, and special fresh flower arrangements on the tables of the Jubilarians. A delicious meal prepared by Motherhouse food service manager, Jamie Balthazor and staff was enjoyed by all with a choice of salmon or brisket, paired with vegetables and roasted potatoes, finished with a dessert of cheesecake.
Sister Marcia Allen led a personal toast for each jubilarian, highlighting the service that each has provided to the community and they were given “destination” gift bags filled with personalized, meaningful gifts that were arranged by Sister Marcia Allen and Cecilia Thrash. Janira’s gifts will be sent to her and arrive in time for her celebration in Brazil. The Jubilee celebration is a combined effort of several Sisters. The Jubilee committee was directed by Sisters Marcia Allen and Marilyn Wall, and the corsages, table flowers, and napkins were by Sister Janet LeDuc. Sister Carm Thibault created the art for the program and placemats. The Liturgy was planned by Sisters Betty Suther, Janis Wagner, and Dian Hall. Sister Kathy Schaefer was the Sacristan. Vicky Thoman created and printed the program.
Congratulations, Jubilarians! You are truly “God’s work of art!” Sister Rita A. Plante shared a poem that she had written honoring the Jubilarians.
Congratulations, Jubilarians! You are truly “God’s work of art!”

“But I am not artistic”
Many will say…and add
“I can’t draw a straight line.”

So – – – –
How many
Straight lines
Does God make?

A work of art
The kind God makes
Doesn’t need
Straight lines.

You, Sister Loretta Clare
You, Sisters Carolyn and Janira
Are God’s work of art
All Curves, like a heart.

Lines that weave
In and out and in.
As chaplains, healers,
Caregivers, teachers, and more

Tribunal and chancery workers
Musicians, quilters, lace makers,
Weaving in and out
Threading God’s work.

You are God’s work of art
God’s hands
God’s feet
God’s heart.

“And God looked at
And saw