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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

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AGENDA CHANGE: ‘Working lunch’ shifts gears to local projects

The agenda has changed for the next Community Needs Forum working lunch at the Nazareth Motherhouse.

Rabbi Moti Rieber, coordinator of Kansas Interfaith Power and Light, had been scheduled to talk about climate change, but he will not be able to attend. Instead, he will be in Topeka at a legislative hearing.

So participants will use the opportunity to give updates on a couple major projects and gather ideas for moving forward.

The lunch will be from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tuesday, March 10. Lunch will be provided without charge by the Sisters of St. Joseph, and those planning to come are asked to RSVP to 243-2149 or

The first piece of business will be a report from those who attended a February workshop in Topeka titled “Reweaving Our Social Fabric: Engaging to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence.”

Eleven people from the Concordia area, representing a variety of agencies and schools, attended the conference, and have come together as an informal “Domestic Violence Task Force.”

At Tuesday’s lunch, they will talk briefly about what they learned and seek ideas on what next steps could be.

Another item the lunch agenda will be a discussion of the National Night Out, which has been co-sponsored by the Year of Peace Committee and the Concordia Police Department for the past three years.

Year of Peace Committee members hope to generate ideas for getting more people involved, or how to make the event more meaningful to those who do participate.

Also at the March 10 gathering, various groups and individuals will provide updates on other of community events and projects.

The Community Needs Forum grew out of informal meetings between the Sisters of St. Joseph and community leaders in the fall of 2008. The first working lunch was held in January 2009, and the continuing gatherings have identified what participants see as the greatest needs in the community and have established smaller groups to seek solutions. The working lunches continue to provide an opportunity for updates on projects and a clearinghouse for new ideas.

Everyone is invited to take part; you don’t have to have attended earlier lunches to join the process now.


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