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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

Contact Us

The NAZARETH MOTHERHOUSE is at 1300 Washington St., Concordia, Kan. For general information, call 785/243-2113, ext. 1101, or email

Our administrative offices are at the CSJ CENTER, 215 Court St., Concordia, Kan. For general information, call 785/243-2149 or email

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 279
Concordia KS 66901

If you have questions about our guidelines for commenting on this website, CLICK HERE for more information.

To find specific contact information for offices and ministries, check the alphabetical list below (and where there is more information available elsewhere in this site, the name of the office or ministry is a clickable link to that page):

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES (accounting, human resources, Leadership Council)
CSJ Center
215 Court St.
PO Box 279
Concordia KS 66901

Phone: 785/243-2149
Fax: 785/243-4741

ARCHIVES  Sister Jean Ann Walton
785/243-2113, ext. 1112

CHAPLAIN  Father Barry Brinkman

COMMUNICATIONS  Deanna Kymer, director
785/243-2113, ext. 1217

CSJ ASSOCIATES  Catherine Seitz and Susan LeDuc, directors

DEVELOPMENT  Sister Jan McCormick, director, and Ambria Gilliland, assistant director
785/243-2113, ext. 1225

GIFT SHOP (at the Nazareth Motherhouse)
1300 Washington St.
Concordia KS 66901
785/243-2113, ext. 1101

HANDS ACROSS OUR COMMUNITY  Christina Brodie, director

HUMAN RESOURCES  Penny Arnold, director

JUSTICE & PEACE CENTER  Sister Judy Stephens, director

LEADERSHIP COUNCIL  Sister Jean Rosemarynoski, congregational president

Vicky Thoman, administrative assistant

323 E. Fifth St.
PO Box 675
Concordia KS 66901

1300 Washington St.
Concordia KS 66901
785/243-2113, ext. 1101

NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR, a center for women
Sister Missy Ljungdahl, director
103 E. Sixth St.
Concordia KS 66901

(To send prayer requests to the Sisters living at the Motherhouse)

VOCATIONS TEAM Sister Dian Hall and Sister Lorren Harbin
Sister Lorren is in Colorado — reach her at 970/260-2287 or
Sister Dian is in Concordia — reach her at 770/546-6461 or

PO Box 279
Concordia KS 66901

785/243-2113, ext. 1217

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • Bill and Carol

    2024, 2025.

    The Bread and Wine

    Updated Urgent Prayer Request!!

    Holy Week Spring, Summer, Fall 2024,2025….??

    Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    With a very heavy heart 2023 has turned out to be a very turbulent year of terrible events(Terrible heat waves, weather extreme,unrest
    ,wars and other events happening throughout the year.) that is shaking our civilization to the core. Manmade and Natural Disasters?? I am afraid that 2024,2025 will be even worse with more terrible events both man-made and natural disasters, that will continue to plunge our civilization into the New Dark Ages.

    Pray for peace!

    The last 3 years is any indication we are in deep trouble as a civilization from 2024,2025… onward?

    Pray for peace!!

    Spring, Summer 2024,2025..??

    Updated Prayer Request.

    Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Please continue to pray with us for God’s Healing and Protecting Peace Now and in the Days ahead…Long Term! Still recovering from events in our personal lives of Family, Friends, Deaths(loss of our only son) and other sorrows and hardships from the past and Now! Pray for God’s healing and protecting peace Now and in the days ahead… 2024,2025…Eternal Rest. Especially in the terrible(New Dark Ages) times(2020’s) in which we are living in with the ongoing events.

    Long Term Prayer Request for God’s Healing and Protecting Peace in the months ahead?? Spring, Summer 2024,2025…??

    Please pass on to others to pray in the Worldwide Community of Prayer. Urgent! Long term!!

    In His Eternal Rest.

    Bill and Carol. oh. usa


  • Derek Gerard Solomon

    Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon
    I’m suffering Persecution
    St Michael Archangel protect us
    St Michael Archangel protect us

  • Barb Hiner

    Sr Mary Augustine’s email address…this is Barb (Goetz, Santiago)Hiner from Salina. 785-829-7105.

  • Jane Richards

    Please add me to your emails and info about retreats.thank you.

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