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Creating a greener lifestyle

Even the smallest acts can be transformative… Consider any (or all) of these, to create a greener lifestyle:

  1. Stop junk mail, or at least recycle it.
  2. Use low-flow faucets and toilets.
  3. Turn your water heater down.
  4. Ask local utility companies (or other groups) for conservation information.
  5. Use latex rather than oil-based paint. Dispose of paint without threatening groundwater.
  6. Support local efforts to recycle tires.
  7. Buy cars that get the best mileage. Get regular tune ups and rotate and balance tires every 8000 miles.
  8. Clean and replace air filters on vehicles and on air conditioners regularly.
  9. Clean and keep in optimal condition all appliances, especially freezers and refrigerators.
  10. Wash your car yourself, from a bucket.
  11. Stop using moth balls, oven cleaners, air fresheners and permanent ink markers that are harmful to your respiratory system.
  12. Don’t top off the tank.
  13. Replace lawns with stonework and drought resistant plants. If you keep a lawn don’t cut it shorter than 2 inches, and leave grass cuttings on it as a natural fertilizer. Water in the early morning, and don’t water the sidewalk.
  14. Make sure your auto oil is recycled.
  15. Turn down the heat at the office when closed, or at home in unused areas, or when away for more than a day.
  16. Have an energy audit.
  17. Never burn trash.
  18. Properly dispose of all hazardous wastes or materials. Stop using poisons.
  19. Don’t buy anything that cost an endangered species animal its life.
  20. Don’t buy new when you can buy a good product used. Don’t throw away something that still works. Keep using it or pass it along.
  21. Before purchasing, ask, “Is this a want or a need?”
  22. Eat low on the food chain, organic if possible. Avoid GMOs. Eat at home as much as possible, and don’t waste.
  23. Turn off the water during the shower while using hair products. Don’t leave water running while shaving.
  24. Don’t use toxic products on yourself, your pets, your home or your land.
  25. Create a backyard wildlife refuge, bird sanctuary and/or vegetable garden.
  26. Consider solar panels or setting up a gray water system.
  27. Check seals on windows and doors. Repair and use weatherstripping.
  28. Let your dishes air-dry rather than using the drying cycle on the dishwasher.
  29. Ask leaders to take action on climate change.
  30. Avoid air travel when possible.
  31. Completely unplug from technology at least one day/month.
  32. Check companies’ green practices before investing in their stock.
  33. Take a daily walk, run, or bike ride in nature, or at least sit out on your porch and enjoy it.
  34. Recycle and up-cycle everything possible, rather than adding to the landfill.
  35. Become conversant in the economics, politics and science that can save creation.

FINALLY, Teach and encourage others to live ecologically respectful lifestyles.


CLICK HERE for more from the Ecological Integrity Committee.

To learn more about ecological integrity, or to offer ideas, contact Sister Judy Stephens at 785-243-2149 or

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