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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

Signs of a calling to Religious Life: How do you know God is calling you?

Most people called to religious life have experienced several (but not all) of the following.

Uncommon Passion for the Faith – People who enter religious life are alive with anything that has to do with God and their Faith. This zeal to live and share God’s love burns within them. They cannot let it lie dormant.

Sense of Responsibility
– The harvest is great, but laborers are few. If those who are called don’t respond, how will our faithful people receive the gifts that religious men and women bring to our world? People who respond to the call of religious life do so partially because of a sense of responsibility to their Catholic brothers and sisters. They see that their personal gifts can be used for others.

Can’t Shake the Possibility of Religious Life
– No matter who they are dating, the job they have, the car they are driving or the house they own, the idea of religious life keeps popping up in the minds of those who are called to it.

Attracted to Serving God and Others – At their deepest level, people who enter a religious community will often say that serving God and God’s people are the things that bring them a deep sense of joy.

Scary but Thrilling at the Same Time
– Fear often accompanies the call to religious life. Initially, a person may think of all the reasons he or she could never become a religious. But there’s also a thrill at the same time: the thrill that comes when we think, “Maybe I could be good at that” or “Maybe I could do something remarkable with my life.”

Envisioning Oneself Taking on Some Role of Religious Life
– Many of those who become a religious priest, sister or brother will speak about having envisioned themselves as being effective at some aspect of service: preaching, visiting the sick, working with youth, evangelizing, working with the poor etc.

Others Have Said, “You’d make a Good Religious.” – God often speaks to us through other people. Those who have been called to religious life often have been told by friends, family members, co-workers or fellow parishioners that they have the qualities to make a fine religious brother, sister or priest.

Can’t I Do the Same Thing?
Our brothers and sisters in the single or married life, minister in many of the same ways our religious sisters, brothers do. The heart of the vocation to religious life is not what we do but who we are as women and men who have given their entire lives to God and God’s people. The vows of chastity, poverty and obedience that a religious professes, defines who we are. It is the essence of what distinguishes the ministry of a single or married person from that of a religious.

If you’d like to talk more about any of these signs, Sisters Lorren Harbin and Dian Hall make up the Vocations Team for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia. Sister Lorren is in Colorado; you can reach her at 970/260-2287 or Sister Dian is in Georgia; her phone number is 770/546-6461 and her email is


7 thoughts on “<b>Signs of a calling to Religious Life:</b> How do you know God is calling you?

  • Since my childhood I had been dreaming to be one of the religious sisters and still feeling that the call is very strong and I have the desire to serve am still praying to come up with the right vocation that would lead me to happy eternity… Pray for me pals

  • É possível sim você ser padre ainda, e pelo que você conta parece ter vocação, procure Instituto do verbo encarnado do seu pais

  • You are discouraged by your imperfections… don’t me… for it is God who justifies those whom He calls… and it is in the vocation that He calls you to that He will perfect your imperfections… Go and be who God wants you to be. Be a priest.

  • Daisy Ezeanya

    Hi. Just like the last writer Jenna Zywiec, I’ve been having issues deciding on what to commit myself to – religious life or marriage. It’s been really difficult. I’ve sought advice from a priest who told me to pray and pray I did. I still am not sure however because everything seems to tend towards marriage right now.
    People have also commented that I’d be a good reverend sister and I have never really been interested in marriage even though suitors have been coming ( I try to dodge the subject or go cold on it).

    I still pray though and hope that God shows me the way, a way I’ll feel convinced about because my marriage will happen in no distant time.

  • I have seen myself as a priest in my dreams several times but my imperfections keep making feel I cannot do it.many people has told me severally that I resemble a priest since I was a child till date..even in d midst of my imperfections…I hadly get interested in talking abt anyother thing in life but I got moved to address clouds with great passion when topics about God is raised…everything seems very clear to me…I am always happy and fulfilled doing God’s work..I talk about everytime..I can give up all I have to God and never regret it…I know deep down in my heart that I have this calling..I am 36 yrs now,I have seen it all but yet never lost my interest…i don’t know if it is still possible for me to fulfill this dream of becoming a priest..I don’t know how to go about it..I need help,this is all I want in life…to serve God and preach the good news,it surprises me to see unbelievers…devil has indeed wanted this dream not to come true in my life but All I wanted is to serve God,no matter how hard it may love for him will surely see me through!!

  • Pastor Divinefavour Chibuike

    Am making a research on “Beyond the calling” pls can you help me with some information’s.

  • Jenna Zywiec

    I’ve been struggling with this calling for a while. I will admit I am still very unsure what God is calling me to do because I feel I am called to marriage but a certain man I have encountered but at the same time I feel attached to the religious life. I’m not sure what to do but I am praying about it. I feel that I would be good at both of these fields of life but I feel a lot of pressure committing to one.

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