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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

Vocations Anonymous Test: A self-test, just for you!

Check all statements that apply to you.

◊ Do you find your weekly ministry more life-giving and energizing than your 40-hour work week?
◊ Do you hide vocation literature under your bed or away in your closet?
◊ Do you feel called to give more or be more?
◊ Does the idea of becoming a brother, sister, or priest keeping coming back time and time again?
◊ Does your relationship with God sustain you, enliven you, invigorate you in such a way that you want to share the Good News with others?
◊ Do you long for “MORE”?
◊ Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you are on the brink of a major life decision?
◊ Are you afraid to tell friends and family that you are thinking about a Church vocation?
◊ Do you feel a recurring tug in your heart to serve others more?

If you checked five or more of the statements above, then you may have a vocation to the priesthood or religious life!

Let us know how we can help you! Sisters Lorren Harbin and Dian Hall make up the Vocations Team for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia. Sister Lorren is in Colorado; you can reach her at 970/260-2287 or Sister Dian is in Georgia; her phone number is 770/546-6461 and her email is

(From “Vocations Anonymous: A handbook for adults discerning priesthood and religious life,” by Sister Kathleen Bryant, RSC, Archdiocese of Los Angeles Vocation Office, published by National Coalition of Church Vocations)


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