Dec. 10, 2010: Kids learn about peace from the community around them, by Sara Hittle

December 10, 2010 by

When I think of the phrase “peace through community mindedness,” I think of our community working together with one goal in mind: Peace. We have a common goal, while we also each have our own strengths and special abilities. We achieve our goal of peace in our own unique ways, all the while  working together as a team.

Since we all have different skills, abilities and strengths, we can achieve peace in many different ways. One example is good sportsmanship, with both the team and the individuals having unique contributions: The players respect the calls and each other, the cheerleaders chant positive cheers and the crowd focuses on support rather than bad comments.

Other ways peace can be found is in good deeds done for others, being a peer mediator and in general being the bigger person when it comes to any conflict.

“Community mindedness” also means including everyone, with no one left out. We all need to work together somehow, in some way, to achieve this goal.

The adults should be the ones responsible for keeping the idea of Peace in the forefront, because they are the ones to set the example to all kids. But it shouldn’t just be the parents; it should be teachers, daycare providers, babysitters, older siblings and any other person the kids look up too. Children are all learning from their surroundings and environment, so they learn about peace and peaceful resolution by the actions of all the adults in their lives. You need to think of the present as in the hands of the adults and your future in the hands of those of us who are kids today.

— Sara Hittle is an eighth-grader at Concordia Junior High School. She is the daughter of Chris and Heidi Hittle.


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