Dec. 17, 2010: Giving of ourselves leads to true inner peace, by Jessica Baynton

December 17, 2010 by

Peace is an ideal form of happiness and agreement between people from different cultures, countries and religions. The idea of peace is one of the most important lessons that our parents can teach us before we strike out on our own.

In my eyes peace enables us to achieve happiness and live comfortably, without worry of religious terrorism and political war. Through peace, we attain equality without discrimination of skin color, faith, academic ability or social status.

Some definitions of peace include thoughts regarding freedom of the mind from annoyances, distractions and anxiety. I agree with this idea because if someone is distracted by annoyances from other dimensions of their life, then that person will not have a peaceful state of mind.

Many people strive for a peaceful life, but are troubled by the demands of work, society and family commitments. People often think that their lives are horrible, but they do not understand the disease, famine and poverty that afflict people elsewhere in the world.

Poverty, famine and disease need to be eliminated worldwide so that people can understand how peaceful the world could be if it was free of these things.

Many people take for granted that we have food, care and housing readily available. Yet people who live in extreme poverty will rarely be able to enjoy a sense of tranquility and peace.

I believe all this can be cured by opening up our hearts and giving to those who are in desperate need of help. Everyone deserves the right to experience peace in their daily lives, and if people work together this can be achieved.

Not enough is being done to prevent disease and famine, because many of us are too greedy to even think about donating to the less fortunate. Many people never even think about starving families when they leave a plate piled with leftover food. Without thinking of others, how can we ever experience true inner peace?

— Jessica Baynton is from Dorking, Surrey, England, and is studying secondary education at Cloud County Community College.


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