Different paths lead women to profess vows Sunday

June 11, 2010 by

The very different life paths taken by three very different women brought them together in Concordia Sunday to profess vows as Sisters of St. Joseph.

Concordia native Julie Christensen, 28, has completed one year as a postulant and two years as a novice and has now made her temporary profession as the youngest Sister of St. Joseph. This profession will be in place for three years, when she will make the decision whether to make final vows.

Jean Ann Walton, of Augusta, Kan.,  and Ann Ashwood-Piper of Grand Junction, Colo., each professed a vow of fidelity to the congregation as agrégée sisters. With their professions, the number of agrégées in the Concordia congregation is four, with another four women in various stages of formation to become agrégées.

Family and friends crowded the Sacred Heart Chapel at the Nazareth Motherhouse for the 2 p.m. ceremony and Mass, with a reception that followed in the Auditorium.

To learn more about these three women — and the two forms of membership in the congregtion — click on the links below:

Sister Julie Christensen

Sister Jean Ann Walton

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What is an agrégée and what is a vowed sister?


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  1. Jodi Creten on June 14th, 2010 12:41 pm

    Helen and I were bemoaning the fact that we wouldn’t be able to be present for the three professions. Sarah has again provided us with the next best option. Great coverage of a significant event for all of us. Congratulations, Julie, Ann and Jean Ann! We are so blessed!

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