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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church


Discovery Camp 2023

Girls “Step up for Christ” at traditional summer camp at Nazareth Motherhouse

The Motherhouse was filled with energy, prayer, song, and laughter over a three-day Discover Camp as 24 campers from around the area joined the Sisters at the traditional summer camp. The camp took place at the Nazareth Motherhouse starting on June 15th. Families brought their girls who were between 6th-8th grades and were filled with anticipation and excitement for the camp to begin. This was the first Discover Camp that was held since the 2019 camp was canceled due to Covid-19. Camp Coordinators were Sister Anna Marie Broxterman and Sister Bev Carlin. Donna Reynolds was director of music.

The families were greeted by counselors as they arrived and headed into the foyer. Camp Directors Marissa Roberts and Trinity Price welcomed each group, finished up registration, and offered refreshments as luggage and belongings were taken to the campers’ sleeping quarters.

As the auditorium filled up, icebreaker fun and games began. Some campers knew others while some were not familiar with the other attendees. The icebreakers were planned to put their mind at ease and help everyone become acquainted with each other. After all, these girls would be spending the next days together as teammates and roommates. They were also introduced to the staff and counselors that would be leading them through their time at the convent.

Each girl had an opportunity to draw a name for a secret prayer partner. The girls would be offering prayers, compliments, and encouragement to each other for the duration of the camp. They were split into smaller groups and together planned a skit or cheer to perform for the other groups in order to introduce themselves.

Campers joined the Sisters for dinner in the dining room that evening before taking tours of the Motherhouse and participating in a scavenger hunt. Prayer and time to illustrate the theme of the camp, which was “Stepping up for Christ,” came next followed by a climb to the 5th floor where the campers would sleep.

The day would start bright and early for the girls with a morning prayer and breakfast in the dining room with the Sisters. Then it was outside for group pictures and a morning full of activities on the lawn and in the grotto. Prayer and dinner came around quickly and it was off again for more planned activities including swimming, crafts, and games. The afternoon ended with games of Bingo and many winners of special prizes, and then a craft session where each girl got to choose supplies to create their personal sacrifice beads.

Everyone was treated to a picnic supper which was supplied and prepared by the Knights of Columbus. Supper was followed by water play on the lawn. Popcorn and a movie was the final activity of the evening before prayer and lights out.

The third day of camp began with prayer, breakfast, and a living rosary in the St. Mary’s Chapel in which each camper had the opportunity to lead a part of the rosary. The rest of the day’s time was filled with Liturgy planning, prayer, songs, dinner, and more swimming, crafts, or games before welcoming their families to Mass and an ice cream social before returning home.

While Discover Camp was a time filled with fun and games, the hope is that campers and leaders got acquainted with each other, learned more about themselves, and deepened their relationship with God.