Sister Raimunda Eleutéria Souza da Costa — 25 years

web-EleuteriaSousaDaCosta-AMB-copy-2PARENTS:  Almir Ribeiro da Costa and Raimunda Sousa Costa
HOMETOWN: Small rural community, St. Slyvester, Caxias, today called Afonso Cunha, Maranhão
State University of Piauí, in Picos (education); José Sarney School (fundamental teaching); Community Schools in Guaribas, Piauí (education)
Rural communities of Amarante, Piauí, working with leadership formation, catechism and liturgy
Teresina, Piuaí, Vila Operária, helping with liturgy formation and liturgy goups
1996-2002   Picos, Piauí, studying and working in a pre-school
2002-2004   Picos, Piauí, teaching at Fr. Herminio Pegorare-Our Lady of Remedies School.
2005-2009   Guaribas, Piauí, working in education as a school supervisor of the State School and teacher.
2009-2011   Teresina, Piauí, serving on the Regional Coordination Team as vice Coordinator,  and the  Formation Team of the congregation.
2013-present   Parque Mão Santa, Teresina, Piauí, orientation for our aspirant; helping with Our Lady of Victory Parish Bible groups, Apostolic Prayer Group and catechism. I am also the regional animater of our Associate Members of the congregation.


My family, as Catholícs, always celebrated the novena of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Our family was always zealous in our faith.
In 1977 I came to Teresina, Piauí, to work for a family. This family did not profess the Catholic faith, nor any faith. But the faith principles from my own family gave me strength to continue with my Christian identity.

In 1985, my sister, now Sister Elza Mary, entered the Ursuline Sisters Congregation of the Roman Union in Ilheus, Bahia (a state in eastern Brazil).  I returned to Coelho Neto, Maranhão, where my family lived, and I worked as the secretary of the St. Anne’s Parish. There I was invited to participate in catechesis, the Apostolic Prayer Group and the Bible Circles.  With these activities, I felt called to consecrate my life to the service of God´s Reign. Then I met the Sisters of St. Joseph in Teresina, Piauí, which isn’t very far from Coelho Neto.

I entered this congregation in January 1986 at the Vila Operária convent in Teresina. I continued my formation in Buenos Aires, Teresina, continuing my studies and doing pastoral work. In January 1989, I was received into the congregation as a novice.

I received many graces during this time, but I also overcame many challenges. These experiences helped me to grow inside. I thank God and the sisters for these precious moments.

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