Eulogies for CSJ Associate Betty Bombardier

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web-BOMBARDIER-READY-Betty-Bombardier-copyOn Monday evening, Nov. 4, the Sisters of St. Joseph welcomed the family and friends of Betty Bombardier to a vigil service in the Sacred Heart Chapel at the Nazarth Motherhouse. Betty was a CSJ Associate and volunteer who died Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013, at age 84.

The service included two eulogies by sisters who knew Betty well. Here are those texts from Sister Jean Befort and Sister Janet Lander.


Betty loved coming to Neighbor to Neighbor. Once she was able to drive, she came weekly.  Then when she couldn’t drive, Myrna Shelton would pick her up and brought her for a few hours for a game or two or even three.   She enjoyed meeting the women, had an interest in their projects, and often affirmed them in the projects they were working on.  She seemed to know everyone’s names and showed a beautiful sense of hospitality for each person she met.

We enjoyed having Betty  come…. she was a good storyteller, especially stories of her kids!

She often spoke of the good things you did and shared some of the stories of the times you  got in trouble.  She always saw the humor in what you all did, especially when you were in trouble.  Someone once asked her what her secret was to raising good kids! In her dry wit, she said,  “Oh, I just yelled a lot!”  Her wit and humor had all of us listening to her stories and memories of raising her family.

Betty loved to play Scrabble at Neighbor to Neighbor.  She would put the word on the Scrabble board, and invariably someone asked  her for the meaning of the word.  They challenged her, thinking she just made up a word.  But not the case!  Betty was always had the definition and correct spealling.  Betty’s extensive interest in world news and in situations of the Church, had her reading some of the better magazines and books to keep her in the know!  So why wouldn’t she be a good Scrabble player???

As Betty had more health problems, and not feeling well, she hasn’t been  coming to Neighbor to Neighbor..  We have missed her  presence,  support, stories and wit. Today the women offered words of sympathy, and asked us to offer you their sympathy and prayers.

Betty, we will miss you a lot.  I guess you won’t need to read the last three AMERICA’s I have in my car,  which I had planned to bring to you this week.  But NOW you know all you’ve ever wanted to know! And NOW you also know God, you are with  Legouri and all your loved ones.   May you experience all the joy and love of heaven that you often brought to all of us!  May you rest in Eternal Peace, Love and Joy!



Betty Bombardier was an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia. An Associate is a man or woman who makes a commitment to live the spirit and mission of the Congregation in his or her own life circumstances.

My friendship with Betty Bombardier began in the late summer of 2006 when she entered into the program of orientation for becoming an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia. During our monthly meetings she shared her life and faith with all of us. There were three other candidates for Association with her during those 18 months of orientation: Rita Colette, Carol Arts and Susan LeDuc. I am certain they must be feeling this loss in a special way. All four of them made their first commitment during the yearly Associate Retreat in the spring of 2008.
Of course, 2008 was not the beginning of Betty’s connection with our community. She has been a friend of the Sisters for a long time. Her commitment as an Associate was merely the formalization of her desire to live the mission and spirit of unioning love in the day-to-day of her life, at one with all the Sisters and other Associates. Betty radiated this spirit in humility and charity, and was always an inspiration to the rest of us.

After her commitment, Betty continued to attend annual retreats and picnics. She was the one who always brought the greatly anticipated picnic bratwurst! She also faithfully attended the monthly Associate meetings and some of the gatherings of the whole St. Joseph community. In these she shared wisdom gleaned for her avid reading as well as from her prayer life. We will miss Betty.

Betty’s sponsor into Association, Sister Marie Coleman, no doubt had a special welcome for Betty as she transitioned into the fullness of life with God, where S. Marie preceded her.

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In memory of Betty L. Bombardier, CSJ Associate We are honored that the family of Betty L. Bombardier asked that memorials be given to Sisters of St. Joseph/Neighbor to Neighbor. To make a donation in her memory click on the button below:


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