Exploration, information & education: Manna House is packed!


Sisters — both canonical and agrégée — plus candidates and one woman interested in learning more about religious life are gathered at Manna House of Prayer this weekend, all as parts of two different educational programs.

Many are taking part in the “Weekend of Exploration,” an annual event to which interested women are invited to meet the sisters, learn more about religious life and discover how that life is lived by Sisters of St. Joseph.

Those meetings began Friday evening and continue through Mass at the Nazareth Motherhouse Sunday morning.

While those sessions were taking place in the downstairs conference room, elsewhere in the 100-year-old building there were education classes for women now in the process of becoming members of the Sisters of St. Joseph.  And in even smaller offices, there were private meetings between new members of the congregation and an older sister or two.

For more information on any of the form of membership available in the Sisters of St. Joseph, CLICK HERE.

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