Feb. 15, 2013: Positive results come from showing love and care for our community, by Jenna Fredrickson

What comes to mind when you think of community?

The first thing I think of is our hometown and the people who live here. So how do we show love and care for the community we live in? By helping our neighbors and by keeping our community clean and attractive.

There are numerous ways we can show love and friendship for other people in our community.

When a family experiences a fire or a serious illness, neighbors show love and support both physically and financially. When we donate things we aren’t using anymore to the local thrift store, the money made from the sale of those items support activities in our community.

Churches also provide love and care for the community. Last year, members from a local church cleaned up and painted play equipment at two of our town’s parks.

Our schools benefit from the love and support of our community. People who attend sporting events, plays and concerts and sponsor other school activities show they care about the students and their teachers.

We can also show love and care for our community by keeping it clean and attractive. Many of our downtown buildings have been updated with fresh coats of paint and new windows. Pots with colorful flowers are set out when the weather is nice and decorations and flags are put up during the holidays and for other special events. The Whole Wall Mural turned an old brick wall into a popular tourist attraction.

Positive results happen from loving our community.

Many former Concordians come home to raise their families here. Concordia High School alumni talk on the radio about how their school experience has made them successful in their careers. Hundreds of people come home to Concordia for Fall Fest and alumni reunions.

Let’s continue to show our love and care for our community and set an example for others to follow

— Jenna Fredrickson is an eighth grader at Concordia Junior High School. She is the daughter of Ric and Lynette Fredrickson. 

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