Feb. 26, 2010: ‘Disarming the heart’ means replacing negatives with positive action, by Kaleb Pounds

February 26, 2010 by

I think kids in this generation don’t understand that staying out of trouble makes it a lot easier to succeed.  The idea of “disarming the heart” means to me that you don’t get into a lot of trouble or affect the people surrounding you negatively.  We all need to keep in mind that when we do something hurtful or wrong, it affects the people who care about us.

Common examples of doing the wrong thing include pressuring people into drinking alcohol or doing drugs.  The result can be getting in trouble with the law and even winding up in jail.  No one’s heart is “disarmed” when these kinds of things happen.

If you are one of those people who consistently do the wrong thing, there are many positive things you can do instead.  How about joining a sport at school or other productive school activity?  You could even stay after school to help others and finish your own work.

I think the biggest reason kids get into trouble is because parents don’t show enough — or even any — affection or they just don’t care.  Kids need someone to care and look after them.  If you get mad easily, find something you both like to do together.  Find something that relaxes you like music, running, poetry, or writing in a journal.  Those things help to disarm our hearts and make them “lighter.”

Don’t give up after failure.  Getting upset with failure will lead to even more failure.  Practice using peaceful words and activities.  Stay away from playing video games too much and watching movies with all the cursing or bad things they do in them.  I encourage you to think twice and act once.

You’ll be glad you did and at the same time disarm your heart.  People will like you for that.

— Kaleb Pounds is an eighth-grader at Concordia Junior High School and is the son of Kevin and Deanna Pounds.


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