We’re in Brazil, Too!

Why are we in Brazil?

In 1963, Pope John XXIII asked religious communities to establish missions in underdeveloped countries. The Sisters of St. Joseph chose Teresina, Brazil, as our mission.

There are two American Sisters and 18 native Brazilian Sisters serving the people. Our purpose in Brazil is to provide religious education, offer retreats and workshops and help the native people to become self-sufficient.

Check out the quiz to see how much you know about Brazil.

1. Which continent does Brazil call home?
a. North America
b. South America
c. Africa

2. Which ocean borders Brazil on the east?
a. Atlantic Ocean
b. Pacific Ocean
c. Arctic Ocean

3. How hot can temperatures reach during the dry season near the equator?
a. 85 degrees Fahrenheit
b. 130 degrees Fahrenheit
c. 200 degrees Fahrenheit

4. What is the climate of Brazil?
a. desert
b. steppe
c. tropical

5. What language do people in Brazil speak?
a. Portuguese
b. Spanish
c. French

Scroll down to see the answers:

1. B – 2. A – 3. B – 4. C – 5. A