Meet my Sister Aunt!

Sister Pat Eichner and Vince
Vince is the nephew of Sister Pat Eichner. He graduated from college. Now he lives in Ogallala and works for a bank in Grant, Neb.

Vince says, “Having an aunt who is a sister in the Catholic church has been great. Her kind, caring ways and willingness to be a role model for all ages has strengthened not only my faith, but also everyone else’s that she has ever known.”

Jenni and Sister Barbara Ellen Apacellar
Jenni is the niece of Sister Barbara Ellen Apaceller. Jenni is a junior at Aurora Central Catholic High School in Aurora, Ill. She says, “It’s pretty cool to have an aunt as a sister because she’s taught me about God and has helped me grow in my faith. She comes to some of my school activities when she’s home and my friends enjoy being around her.”

Sister Anna Marie,
plus a half dozen!

Sister Anna Marie Broxterman brought her great-nieces and -nephew to the Motherhouse in Concordia for a day of fun. Pictured here are: Katelyn (fourth grade), Erin (third) and Emily (fourth), Erika (fifth), Chase (third), and Jill (sixth). They all attend Centralia Elementary in Centralia, Kan., except Chase who attends Meridan Elementary.

Erin said “It’s cool to have an aunt who is a nun because we get to go places to visit her!” Erika said, “You mean she really is my aunt? That is so cool!”