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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

Immigration Resources and Stories

Helpful links to explore current immigration issues.

Consider this an “Immigration Resource Toolbox”

• Read: “Fixing Our Broken System” Op-Ed by Laurie Jurs for the Arizona Daily Star.

•  Watch:“The Wall Between Us” documentary by the Voice of America, featuring the Sisters of St. Joseph 2019 Border Experience in El Paso. 

•  Read: “Room to Grow: One Year Later” 

•  Read: “Two nuns have a message for Catholics angry about their ministry to immigrants: ‘We don’t have any intention of stopping” 

•  Watch: “U.S. Immigration — The Basics” for a general overview of U.S. immigration history, laws and current immigration procedures and issues. 

•  Read: “Common-sense immigration reform is popular and will drive economic security. Congress must act quickly” 

•  Visit Supporting Immigrants and Creating a Dignified Pathway to Citizenship  

“In Arizona the Environmental Devasation from the Border Wall is immense,”

“U.S. Border Patrol Legacy of Racism,” The American Immigration Council. 

“The overlooked detail in border debate: The legal right to seek aslyum in the U.S.  

“Room to Grow” — A report by the National Immigration Forum: The new census results are in and they confirm that the United States population is declining. AND our ongoing struggle with COVID has demonstrated the value of the immigrant workforce in the fields of healthcare and food supply. A new study released by the National Immigration Forum cites another significant statistic.  The Old Age Dependency Ratio (O.A.D.R.) is currently at 3.5 percent, and dropping.  The ratio represents the number of workers available to support the unfunded cost for 1 senior collecting social security and medicare. As more baby boomers retire, the number of workers is decreasing. So where will we get those additional workers?  IMMIGRANTS!  Using publicly available date, the report states “we project that we need at least 37% increase in net immigration per year; approximately 370,000 additional immigrants in order to meet this need and maintain the 3.5 ratio. I encourage each of you to read the report ROOM TO GROW and rethink how you view immigration. 

Read “At Border, Bishop Mark Seitz urges Vice President to see ‘foreboding walls of steel’ 

Read “In Plain Sight: Uncovering the Border Patrols Relationship with Far Right Miliatias on the Southern Border”  

Read “Nevada judge says immigration law making reentry a felony is unconstitutional, has racist origins”  

Read “Judge Rules Homeland Security Failed to Consider Environmental Harm of Ramping Up Border Militarization”  Immigration stories in our communities:

“Born in a Box Car,” the immigration story of Sister Barbara Ellen Apaceller 

“From Russia with Love,” the immigration story of the Keller sisters.