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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church

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Irma Janira Diniz

Celebrating 50 Years

HOMETOWN: Rosario, Maranhão, Brazil
EDUCATION: PTIA – Universidade Federal (Teresina)
MISSIONS: Teresina and rural areas nearby, Amarante,
Pimenteiras, Monsenhor Gil, Pará, Caxias, Maranhāo, Picos.
Short Term – Cities of Nova Esperança, Buenos Aires,
Parque Māo Sonta, Graça Aranha.

Janira has spent her time serving the people of God in primarily
pastoral missions, especially among the poor and the

She has served in rural based communities in leader formation,
religious education and evangelization, working with the handicapped, “popular” education network –
Paulo Freire, bible studies and women’s groups focusing on spirituality and crafts.

Janira loves to sing and dance. She is an artist.
Now retired, she lives at the Villa in Teresina (our main house)
and spends time in her art studio behind the house.

The Latin American Pastoral Update Course, which gave me the opportunity of a 2-year experience, with a community of 36 black families, in Amarante: Poço d`Antas, I learned their blessings, their prayers, their way of being a community. They chose Our Lady of Fátima as their patron saint and the patron saint’s anthem was chosen in a contest. The winner was 72-year-old Dona Francisca.

The mission in the diocese of Conceição do Araguaia in Pará, mainly with the Carajás indigenous people, in the struggle to raise awareness of their rights with government agencies and with families in the region.

I also took on pastoral work with the local church. It was difficult work, but it favored my maturity, faith and trust in the Lord Jesus.

Another experience was with the Periferia Project, assisting street children who lived in the landfill. I also Coordinated the Diocesan Pastoral da Terra in the struggle for land conquest.

I created the Third Age Program and action
at the university with the elderly, for 4 years.

I currently visit and accompany elderly and disabled people with guidance and training and work at home with handicrafts.

The echo of the voice of the Lord that keeps calling me and telling me “Do not be afraid, for I am with you until the end.”
Each one of my sisters for their way of being, welcoming, caring, living together, sharing and respecting.
The merciful way of the Lord who accepts us as we are and takes care of all of us and of all humanity.