Irmã Janira Lindoso Diniz

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BIRTH NAME: Janira Lindoso Diniz
PARENTS: Benedito da Silva and Maria José de Sousa Lindoso Diniz
HOMETOWN: Rosario, Maranhão, Brazil

As you look back on your years as a Sister of St. Joseph of Concordia, what experience or event best captures what your religious life has meant to you (and why)?

As a child and into my youth, I was very timid. Inside me, I wanted to communicate with others, sing, dance, and participate in everything, but I just couldn´t make myself do it.
Then our parish priest invited me to help an adolescent group and offered me a month’s course about psychology. This helped me serve better, and it helped me a lot to understand myself.

I had four boyfriends and the last one was a Portuguese boy who had been a seminarian. He spoke about marriage, but then he went to Rio de Janeiro to participate in a course. While he was there, I wrote and told him that I wasn´t meant to marry — and to tell the truth, I don´t know exactly what was going on within me; I was a little bit confused!

When I returned home, I began to participate in vocational   meetings with the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Crucified.

With time,  I met the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, Kan., and it was there that I  received the help that I needed.  The sisters helped us understand how we can become happy and remain happy.

I became a candidate in 1972 and finished my novitiate in 1973. I went to live with the sisters in the center of the city  in Teresina, and then I was off to Amarante, where I served in various communities, helping out with catechesis, community formation, etc. In 1982 I went to Nova Esperança, Pará, where I learned to be with people in the rural area, going back and forth in nine communities. In 1986, I went to Pimenteiras and then back to Teresina, where I served in coordinating the rural communites in the archdiocese.
After 1992 I went to Monsenhor Gil, Buenos Aires, Amarante, Parque Mão Santa and Picos.  Since 2012, I have been in Graça Aranha, Maranhão.

I always am and will always be eternally grateful to God for life with the sisters and with him.


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