Jan. 16, 2015: Students mark anniversary with random acts of kindness, by Shane Britt

January 16, 2015 by

Shane Britt

Shane Britt

The 2014-15 academic year marks the golden anniversary of Cloud County Community College, and being able to serve the area for 50 years is an event worth celebrating.

As the coordinator of Residence Life and Student Activities at the college, I have a very close relationship with the students — and I wanted to somehow get them engaged during the 50th year.

When I work with my Resident Assistants and my Student Activities Board, I always stress the importance of giving to others and doing random acts of kindness. This gave me the idea of doing 50 acts of kindness during the 50th anniversary year.

We are now halfway through the year and the list of acts is growing.

During our Welcome Week, I organized a T-Bird Give Back event where students were bussed downtown and went from business to business asking if the owners needed any help. The students helped move heavy items, painted, washed windows, etc.

Another event was a food drive that we organized for the Manna House of Prayer. Between the students, faculty and staff, we were able to collect a large number of items to donate for the holiday season.

The Resident Assistants also helped take the children of the campus children’s center to Marquis Place on Halloween. This was a treat for both the kids and the residents. Then the RAs went to Sunset Home and entertained the residents with dancing and conversation.

Other acts are not as public or large scale. Students have paid for the person in line behind them at McDonald’s, others have gone to the park and picked up trash and they have helped when they have come across people in need. I have tried to show them that it doesn’t matter how big or how small, or how public or private, your acts are, if they make a difference to at least one person, you have helped change the world.

I feel that it is very important that the students continue to do acts of kindness in the community, long after the 50th year.

Yes, most of the students are strangers to this community, but this is their home for the time that they are here. If they somehow feel a connection and a sense of ownership while they are in Concordia, I think they will be more successful not only in their studies, but in their future.

At times, I think that our students are more noted for the trouble they get in than for the good things they do throughout the community. Not everyone will see what the students are doing, but I know that those that have or have benefited from these acts of kindness see that many of the college students are outstanding, caring young adults who are in Concordia to better their futures.

I would like to challenge every reader to do something nice for someone else. Buy a coffee for a co-worker, scrape the car window for your neighbor or simply call up a friend and ask how the day is going. You never know how a small gesture can change someone’s world.

— Shane Britt is the coordinator of Residence Life and Student Activities at Cloud County Community College in Concordia.



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