Jan. 29, 2010: Peace can mean many things — and it’s worth defining, by Taylor Allen

Many people around the world do not know peace, and have never seen it in their lives. Peace is something that is said to exist in the United States of America, but as with freedom, it has its catches. It would help out the world if peace was exhibited every day, because then there wouldn’t be as much war or violence.

In my life there has always been the “American” peace, but along with freedom there are always catches. There are many laws that stand in the way of freedom. Many laws are in place to “keep the peace,” but these laws disrupt the peace that people enjoy, and with each law more freedom is taken away. Many of these laws do give citizens peace and freedom, though; it is a question of what matters most and what we are willing to give up.

Peace can have many meanings to different people, or maybe even many meanings to an individual person.

In my opinion, peace is a state of mind, an opinion and a feeling. People can be in a peaceful state of mind when they are happy or content; when they have nothing to worry or stress about, or even when they do, they don’t let it control them; they take their time and don’t feel overwhelmed. If someone or something is peaceful or at peace, it means there is no turmoil, no negativity and no hatred.

Peace occurs when there is happiness, honesty, love, sharing, when people swallow their pride and realize all people are equal. Peace is the feeling people get when they look at a sleeping baby, when they see the flag flying above troops as they hug their children for the first time after months away. These feelings can give people goose bumps and make them feel serene and happy to the point where nothing can bring them down.

Peace is different to every person; it can represent extreme happiness or quietly sitting in an open field gazing over the wild plants gracefully swaying in the quiet breeze.

To me, peace is when there is happiness and people aren’t being cast aside because they are different. God made us all different and that is how he has meant us to be. When I am at peace, the biggest smile I can display appears on my face, everything negative disappears and nothing beats the feeling.

— Taylor Allen is a student at Cloud County Community College.

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