July 15, 2011: God plays a role in creativity and peace, by Autumn Sicard

July 15, 2011 by

Creativity means you are good at coming up with ideas and have an active imagination, and that’s a wonderful quality to any person.

Creativity is what makes this world go around. Without people who are creative we could not come up with the new technology, which would mean we would be further away from curing cancer and more people would die from other diseases and illnesses. There would be so many more people mourning the loss of a loved one.

Creativity is also something that allows us to see beauty in everyday things. You stop and look at a building, which may have been some child’s dream and now has become reality because they grew up and became an architect or a builder. Beauty, technology and creativity may not sound like they all work hand in hand, but they do — and together they make our world a better place.

Then there’s peacemaking, which is a big part of our world as well.

My definition of peacemaking is reconciling parties who disagree, quarrel or fight. Normally when I think about disagreements, I think about two siblings saying, “She did it!”  and, “No, she did it!”

For a lot of kids my age, peace or peacemaking means getting away from parents or siblings. But it is truly just the opposite: Being with you family is what will actually put you at peace.

I have a friend who tells me her mother constantly calls her names. For her, family is not the best option for finding peace, so instead she and everyone else need to turn to God.

There are people who don’t believe in God, and I believe they are the ones missing out. Peacemaking to me is also about finding the inner you, and following the path that God gave you. When you find the true you inside, you will be able to find and follow that path — and that allows you to be at peace with yourself.

I have never been one to know or be happy with the real me. I was constantly struggling to find it, to blend in, so I never stopped to actually look inside myself. But I believe God sent two angels to watch over me — my mom and my stepdad, who have made it possible to stop and look at the real me. Then I could see that the real me is peaceful and creative.

Peacemaking is not all on the inside, but that is when where it starts. It is time that we are all peacemakers, not soul crushers.


— Autumn Sicard is an eighth-grader at Concordia Junior High School. She is the daughter of Terry Riley.


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