July 30, 2010: Offering the gift of patience, understanding & compassion, by Michaela Hyman

July 30, 2010 by

You have all heard of a thing called love, but most people have a different understanding about it. I am going to tell you my understanding about love.

Love can be found in many different ways, in many different places. For example, the love one has for an animal or an object may be totally different than the love one has for a person. Also, the way you love people may be different. Parents gives each of their children a different kind of love — all strong but all different. Even when it seems like they your siblings don’t love you, they really do; sometimes it just may not show. Someday, the love you have for a spouse is different again.

Some ways you can show love to all people is by offering patience. You can do that by waiting for people even if it is someone you don’t like; or helping someone with homework, finding something, or just plain explaining something without getting frustrated if they don’t get it at first.

When you someday have children you’ll have to be very patient with them also when you are first teaching them to use the bathroom. Also when you’re teaching them to read is a definite time one needs to be patient. All of these things require patience and understanding; which leads me to my next point of understanding.

You should always try to find a way to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It will give you a better understanding of how they feel or why they act the way they do. Showing love to someone you just met  may be hard because you don’t fully understand that person. But you should still show love,  understanding and compassion. It may be a person you get to know rather well.

Compassion and understanding are sometimes viewed as they same things but they are not. People think to feel compassion for someone, they have to understand what that person is going through. But that’s not the case: All you have to do is know the main part of the story to feel compassion.

All these little random acts people do for each other — whether it is by offering peace, showing understanding or just giving someone the gift of compassion — create a thing called love. Everyone can show it.

If everyone would, the world would be a better place as lives are touched by showing just a little love.

— Michaela Hyman is a freshman at Concordia High School. She is the daughter of Dan Hyman.July 20, 2010


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