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June 19, 2015: Proud to be a Concordian, by Genna Strait


There are many things I like about being a Concordian. I like the people, the teachers in the school district and that Concordia is a small town. These three ideas are very important to me because they are what represent our town in a positive way.

I like the people in Concordia because they are friendly. When you see people around town, they wave at you on the street. Also, when you’re driving, people might honk and wave, too! I like that in Concordia everyone is friendly and they like being kind to people. I especially love the fact that when you feel low, people of our community find some way to make you feel better.

I also like the teachers in the school district. They teach you lessons that will help later in life. Some teachers are harder than others because they want you to be responsible. One day, many of the students will thank them. The teachers in the school district try to get everyone to get active and be into everything they do. I like that because everyone has a chance to at least do something they like and feel connected.

Finally, I like that Concordia is a small town. It is safe for the people to live freely and move about as they wish. Since Concordia is a small town, there isn’t a lot of crime so that makes everyone in Concordia safe.

I like that Concordia it isn’t crowded. If you want to get somewhere, it doesn’t take you that long because there isn’t a lot of traffic.

The people, the teachers at school and the size of Concordia are what make it a pleasant place to live, work, and play. I am proud to call myself a Concordian!


— Genna Strait will be an eighth grader at Concordia Junior High School this fall.  She is the daughter of Gary and Cynthia Strait.  


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