June 20, 2014: Support our community by supporting local business, by Mykah Eshbaugh

Mykah Eshbaugh
Mykah Eshbaugh

Like most people, I like to go shopping. It is always fun to shop and go out to eat, but it is very important for our community to support our local businesses here in Concordia.

It is important to shop locally here in town. Concordia is not a big city with unlimited shopping options — but if we want to continue to have great local stores, we need to support them when we can.

When Concordians spend our hard-earned money at our local establishments, it is great for our economy in north central Kansas. Local dollars help local business owners to be profitable so that they can provide shopping and dining options here in town. With the price of gas always going up, it’s great to be able to shop without driving across the state.

There are many great options here in Concordia.  The Majestic Theatre is one of my favorite places to go with friends and family. It is very nice and always has the newest releases.

Then there are restaurants like Jitters, Heavy’s BBQ, El Puerto, Dragon House and Kristy’s. They are all local and have great food. The fast-food restaurants provide great food and many jobs for teens and Concordia.

We have some great clothing options down town such as Coppoc Sports, Luxe Leopard, 6th Street Fashion & Footwear and Threads. Bigger businesses like Walmart give us many options and support our schools, and community.

While I know we may not be able to get everything we want or need in Concordia, there are many great options. It is important for our community to support our businesses when we can so that we will have places to shop and dine in the future.

— Mykah Eshbaugh is an eighth grader at Concordia Junior High School. She is the daughter of Chad and Amy Eshbaugh.     

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