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National group names Sister Marcia Allen as its president-elect

Sister Marcia Allen
Sister Marcia Allen

The woman who has led the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia for the past six years was elected today to help lead the organization representing Catholic sisters nationwide.

Sister Marcia Allen was voted in as president-elect of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious by the nearly 800 members attending the group’s annual meeting this week in Nashville, Tenn.

She joins Sister Sharon Holland, who will serve as president for the coming year, and Sister Carol Zinn, who is now past president, in the three-member governing body of the LCWR. In August 2015, Zinn will leave the office, Allen will become president and a new president-elect will be selected.

The structure allows the three officers to work in collaboration and consultation with each other, according to LCWR.

The organization is made up of Catholic women religious who are leaders of their orders in the United States. It has more than 1,400 members, who represent about 80 percent of the 51,600 women religious in the United States.


Sister Marcia, a native of Plainville, Kan., was received into the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia in 1959 and professed her final vows in 1963. She earned a bachelor’s degree in history and French from Marymount College, Salina, and then a master’s in school administration from Kansas State University.

She was a teacher and school administrator for 18 years before being elected to congregational leadership the first time, in 1979. She served two four-year terms as vice president and another two terms as president. During the same period, she chaired the congregation’s Constitution Committee and the board of the St. Joseph Foundation. She also served a four-year term as a regional chair and member of the national board of LCWR.

She also became well known as a facilitator for congregations of women religious in the U.S. and Canada, and working with groups in the private sector in organizational planning and analysis.

After leaving her leadership position in 1995, she earned a doctorate in ministry from Indiana’s Graduate Theological Foundation.

Also in 1995, Sister Marcia joined the staff of Manna House of Prayer in Concordia. For the next 13 years, she was a retreat leader, consultant and facilitator for numerous projects and organizations, and developed leadership programs for women religious. With Sister Bette Moslander, she worked in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Brazil and India on programs that encouraged the deepening spirituality of women religious.

She was elected to a second stint as president of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia in 2008, and at the end of that four-year term was elected to another term, which will end in 2016.

Throughout her presidency, she has continued to serve as a facilitator for other religious communities and has given presentations nationwide on the Concordia congregation’s refoundation and an alternative form of religious life that was introduced in 2006. She is currently a consultant for the planning committee for the Latin American Bearers of the Tradition Institute to be held in Mexico City in the spring of 2015.

Sister Marcia plans to continue serving as president of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia while serving as president-elect and then president of LCWR.

The two other members of the tripartite governing structure of LCWR are Sister Carol Zinn, who is a Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, and Sister Sharon Holland, a member of the Sisters, Servant of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Monroe, Mich.

Sister Carol is a member of her congregation’s leadership team. Prior to that, she served as the NGO representative to the United Nations for the Congregations of Saint Joseph.

Sister Sharon is a canon lawyer who served at the Vatican from 1988 to 2009, first as a professor and canon law consultant in the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes and then as the head of the office for ordinary governance with the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life. She returned to Monroe in 2009 and serves as a canonical consultant.


10 thoughts on “National group names Sister Marcia Allen as its president-elect

  • Clarke Richard

    I have read your article, and have to say – this really is a real gem.
    The last time I have run into something evenly well-written was Your material is really an excellent read, many thanks.
    Wish you a large audience and inspiration to get further posts.

  • Maria Toce, CSJ

    I was blessed to be part of a wonderful program at Manna House: Falling in Love for a Lifetime. Marcia and
    Bette were a wonderful team. I would like to communicate with Marcia for something significant that she taught at that time. Thank you.

  • Patricia Leydon. r.s.j.

    Thanks for the very interesting, salient points as read in this E – Mail.

    Great to see how the Josephites in the States have the very same Charism as we here in Australia.

    God Bless and continue your great Work. May this Charism be alive and well in the Hearts and Minds of all and especially vowed and associates of Josephites around the World.

    Great St. Joseph. !!
    Go before us in our Travelling the world in this 21st Century. !!

    Prayerfully with You in j.m.j.

    ‘Tricia Leydon , r.s.j. XO. XO. XO

  • sr. gracy THOMAS

    Hearty Congratulations dear SR. MARCIA for accepting this great responsibility. Sending you all the love and support for your mission from India. May the God shower His blessings in abundance on you and the LCWR.

  • Amala

    CONGRATULATIONS DEAR SISTER, May God grant you all the Wisdom and grace to go forward in Faith and Courage, May the Holy Spirit lead you and your team

  • Marty McEntee

    Congratulations, Marcia, and thanks SO MUCH for accepting this responsibility. LCWR and we, its members, will be well served with you as our leader. Know of my love, and a continued assurance in prayer. love, marty

  • Ralph Thummel

    Congratulations, Sister Marcia! What great joy this brings to all your family and friends. I know that God will bless you abundantly on this journey, and that you will continue to honor the Lord as a true servant leader.

  • Donna Erpelding

    With congratulations and a spirit of love and courage I send bountiful blessings. The Spirit of compassion is alive and well in the LCWR. They are guided by incredible Spirit filled leadership. You are an inspiration to us all.

    With peace and gratitude to you and the entire LCWR community.

    Donna Erpelding
    St. Thomas More
    Manhattan, KS

  • Congratulations from friends of Sister Rosemary Farrell,CSJ, in New Mexico.

  • Barbara J. Redmond

    This is wonderful news! I know Marcia Allen as a woman of courage and wisdom. She is passionate about whatever she is committed to. I ask the Holy Spirit to send abundant blessings on Marcia and all members of LCWR.

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