March 12, 2010: We can find the season of peace — if we choose to, by Krystal Spangler

March 12, 2010 by

Each of us can find peace in our life.

We can come to a sense of belonging, when we quit fighting who we are. We find our peace when we learn to be happy with what we have, and when we become comfortable with who we are.

The dictionary defines peace as being freed from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsession, etc.; a state of tranquility or serenity.

Each of us has our own testament of what that definition means in our life.

A financially struggling parent finds her peace when she lets go of her troubles, maybe for just one day or possibly for the rest of her life, and enjoys the peace she finds in her family. A teenager finds peace when he forgets what his peers are saying about him at school and decides to live his life based on his own beliefs and values. A college student finds peace when she leave the protection and guidance of her parents’ home and develops her own abilities and morals.

No two people ever face the same exact circumstances with the same exact life experience, so each person’s state of peace is unique. Each person has to undergo his or her own changes and realizations to bring about a state of serenity.

Change can bring peace, but finding peace does not always bring change. An uptight businesswoman lets go of her need to control everything around her. She accepts her need for perfection as her own imperfection. The perfectionist comes to terms with her outrageous denial of mistakes. She obtains a state of tranquility because she’s able to accept herself for who she is. It doesn’t necessarily bring about change that everyone can see, but it gives her a happiness that she may not have had before.

Accepting yourself and not fighting who you are is the best way to find peace. Once you find peace, you do not always stay in a state of tranquility. People move in and out of peace, finding it at different times, leaving it at others.

Just as there are different seasons of life, so there are different times of peace.

Sometimes people must leave their state of rest in order to face obstacles or change from outside factors. If they’re lucky, though, they’ll find it again. Peace is not necessarily permanent — but it’s always possible.

— Krystal Spangler is a student at Cloud County Community College.


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