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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

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Marymount Theatre memories — now on CD!

Deep in the corners of Dr. Dennis Denning’s basement, a bounty of Marymount Theatre photos had been stored.  Recently, all the photos were digitized and are now available for purchase.

A small group of theatre alum has done their best to identify the years which the shows were produced.  There are photos from 1971 (J.B. & Star Spangled Girl) to Marymount’s final year of 1988 (Cabaret/Brighton Beach Memoirs/Harvey). Sixteen shows from the mid-1970s have recently been added since the photos were first offered.

With proceeds from the sales of the photo CDs last year, a donation of $100 was made to the Sisters of St. Joseph.  The goal is to share the photos with MMC Theatre alum and support the Sisters, who provided us with such a wonderful facility and education.

CDs are $10 each and you can mix and match the shows you want.  The cost covers the discs plus shipping, with any remainder donated to the Sisters of St. Jospeh.

Contact: Barbara Evans Nichols (MMC ’85) at


4 thoughts on “Marymount Theatre memories — now on CD!

  • Pat (Wilson) Ackerman

    What a wonderful tribute to our collaborative memories. Thank you!

  • Sharon McGuire

    Awesome – my copies were lost in a basement flood years back, and I would love to get them replaced! Bless all the folks working to make this possible!!

  • Anita Fiedler

    What thrilling news! I’m definitely interested. Any chance a list of the shows available could be edited in to this post? Thanks to those who took the time to ID the photos and create the digital media. — Anita

  • Bette Moslander

    What a wonderful idea. THe Marymount Theatre Group was outstanding and I have memories of many of the plays. Thanks to all who have made this available.

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