May 21, 2010: Improving communication can prevent misunderstandings, by Kayla Valcoure

May 21, 2010 by

Nonviolent communication is essential to succeeding in life. Good communication skills are required for relating to peers, obtaining and retaining a job, and everything in between. In order to have nonviolent communication a person must be aware of their tone of voice and body language.

The way people present themselves during conversations conveys an unspoken message. If a person is standing with arms crossed or her hands are fisted, it shows she is upset. Also a person’s tone of voice can also convey fear, anger, disappointment, distain, and distrust. For effective communication a person must speak in a calm, controlled voice and remember that actions speak louder than words. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings of all sizes. Those misunderstandings can lead to name calling and other aggressive behaviors.

Another key factor in nonviolent communication is the ability to have good listening skills. Too often, a person can hear what is being said without actually listening. By paying attention we can listen for the real message. Good listening skills can also prevent misunderstandings.

We must be aware of how we present ourselves on a daily basis and remember that actions speak louder than words. Nonviolent communication, both in speaking and listening, can and will prevent some aggressive behaviors.

— Kayla Valcoure is the daughter of Anna LaBarge and Charlie Valcoure. She is a freshman at Concordia High School.


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