May 4, 2012: Volunteering doesn’t have to be a drag, by Emily Barrington

May 4, 2012 by

All communities need volunteers, and volunteering in your community is a great thing to do. It’s a way to not only help others, but also make new friends at the same time.

Volunteers can do many things. They can help people at a nursing home, rake leaves for those who can’t, or pick up trash along the highway. There are many things you can do to help your community.

Why should we volunteer? Well, I have always thought that a healthy community needs volunteers, and it helps keep your community active and peaceful.

You volunteer every time you see a discarded can on the side of the road. You volunteer every time you walk your dog and clean up the mess. Little things like that can help the community.

Every day, we wake up and think, “What needs to be done?” We think of things like mowing the lawn, walking the dog, or tending to the garden. Sometimes we should think about all the other people we could be helping.

I would like to address the youth on this one. Young people get up and most of the time all we think about is school, homework and friends. We don’t think about helping the elderly lady across the street.

Whenever someone says, “Let’s go and repaint the parking line for a church,” maybe five out of 80 kids will stand up to do it, and actually want to. My point is that a community needs to have volunteers who actually want to be there, otherwise, it’s a total drag.

In conclusion, all good communities need willing volunteers to help it stay clean and prosperous.  So, go out in your community and volunteer.

— Emily Barrington is a seventh grader at Concordia Junior High School. She is the daughter of Veronica Coons.



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