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Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Concordia Sisters of St. Joseph

Loving God and neighbor without distinction: A pontifical institute of women religious of the Roman Catholic Church


New bishop hosts sisters for Mass & dinner

At an annual Mass of appreciation for women religious, Bishop Edward Weisenburger offered his “gratitude and admiration for what you have been and what you will be for the Church.”

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Sisters representing four congregations were invited to the event at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Salina today (May 10), with the vast majority of them members of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, the only community based in the Diocese of Salina.

In his homily, Bishop Weisenburger spoke of those chosen by God, not only those called to be religious men and women and priests but all believers.
“We did not choose him; he chose us,” he stressed.

The problem in today’s culture, he said, is “we are uniquely a people who do not want to be called,” because, he added, answering God’s call means “some kind of commitment.”

“A call from God entails a commitment, and it’s only when we live out that commitment that we experience the joy that he promises,” Bishop Weisenburger said. “When God calls, when God chooses, our response demands a life and a lifetime, not just religious and priests, but for all who hear.”

To the sisters, “those who have answered,” he urged them to continue to live out that commitment “and to live out the joy you have received.”

The event came just a little over a week after Bishop Weisenburger was the focus of the huge ordination ceremony at the cathedral May 1. For many of the sisters attending today’s dinner, this was their first opportunity to meet him.

About 30 Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia attended the Mass and dinner.

— Special thanks to Doug Weller, editor of the Salina Diocese Register, for the story and photos


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