Nov. 13, 2009: A view of peace from an old rocking chair, by Ryan Hahn

November 13, 2009 by

“There never was a good war or a bad peace,” wrote Benjamin Franklin.

Now as then, “peace” is something everyone wants to have, but no one can ever completely accomplish it. Out of all the smart people in power, no one can come up with a solid plan that will sustain peace.

When I think of peace, I think of smiles of everyone’s face, everything just running smoothly and no problems in the world. Peace is having people at your side and nothing on the brain except what’s ahead, just pure tranquility. I think of tranquil surroundings, such as green grass, green trees, and just the smell of pure untouched air. This peaceful place has the most beautiful view at sunset, just sitting on my father’s old creaky rocking chair rocking to and fro on the porch, looking at all of the beautiful colors. While I sit there and watch the sun turn red and fall behind the trees in my backyard, I can hear all the wildlife because the whole area is dead quiet. It’s almost as if the world is standing still.

But we all know the world never stands still; it’s always buzzing with people too busy to pause and appreciate the small things.

The dictionary defines peace as “a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, esp. in personal relations.” If we could achieve that “mutual harmony” with other groups in the world the number of catastrophes might lessen and all the things most people fear would evaporate.

Every day would be joyful and stress free, people all over would get along and all the hate and deceit in the world would disappear. Peace would become reality.

But too many world leaders only see things their way. And even those who want to make peace can cause damage that starts new trouble. No, with all the hate going on in the world right now, peace seems to be a highly unattainable goal and certainly will not be attained anytime soon.

I’m just grateful I can always go back to my porch and rock myself into tranquility.

— Ryan Hahn is a student at Cloud County Community College.


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