Nov. 15, 2013: A good job can provide peace of mind, by Cheryl Lyn Higgins

November 15, 2013 by

WEB-CherylLynHigginsMUGPeace can be elusive for those struggling in this economy. Whether unemployed or underemployed, there’s little peace of mind when you’re dealing with the stress of finding a job or finding a better job.

That’s one of the reasons Neighborhood Initiatives, an office of the Sisters of St. Joseph, recently worked with Neighbor to Neighbor to offer Basic Employability Skills Training  — B.E.S.T. — at no charge.

B.E.S.T helps jobseekers improve their chances to be hired, and then to keep their jobs and possibly advance in the company. For employers, B.E.S.T. provides an easy and affordable way to enhance the basic skills that are most desired in their employees.

The two-day training covers basic topics that can probably help us all — punctuality and dependability, workplace appearance, “The Power of a Positive Attitude,” tips on keeping your job, customer service and working with the public, effective communications, workplace ethics and practical advice on how to get a job.

Sister Jan McCormick, who originally taught the class for the Kansas Department of Commerce, volunteers to come to Concordia to teach the class.

Sadly, when we offered B.E.S.T. at the end of October, we didn’t have enough people enroll in advance to justify the class. That is, not until after we cancelled it — then we received a flurry of calls from people who wanted to enroll.

We hope to offer the free two-day workshop again, so I if you’re in the job market, watch for an announcement — or call me at 243-2113, ext. 1215, and I’ll let you know when we have a workshop scheduled. And the same thing applies to employers with workers who could benefit you and themselves with a refresher course in basic skills.

Finding a job, or finding a better job, can lead to security and stability  — and those are crucial elements for the peace of mind we all seek.

— Cheryl Lyn Higgins is coordinator for Neighborhood Initiatives Inc., an office of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia.


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