Nov. 18, 2011: A dream of peace for families and the world, by Samantha Hake

November 18, 2011 by

Peace, by definition, is “a state of harmony characterized by lack of violent conflict.”

That means wars need to be stopped and peace needs to spread across the whole world. But there will never be peace in the world until everyone has peace at home. We need to spread peace in our homes and families.

One way for peace to be brought into homes is for family members and friends to communicate their wants and needs better and to resolve issues in a civil manner. When people are more confident and happy with each other, there is a greater chance that they will help others to become as confident and happy as themselves. When our families are unified, they are more willing to work to make the nation a more peaceful place one step at a time. There is always something you can be doing to help strive for peace anywhere and everywhere.

Families need to spend more time together, and I do not mean time spent shopping.  I mean families spending time together that can influence everyone’s life in a positive way.  There are many ways families can spend quality time together. 

Families become happier with each other by going on family vacations, something simple, not necessarily to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Jamaica or anything like that. This should be a family vacation from all the stress at home. Leave all technology at home and do something together where everyone has to interact with one another, just try to make it positive interaction. Make it fun and interesting so your family is more willing to participate in the activity. Many families should consider doing this, even mine.

The dream of peace is different for every person. Everyone’s dream may be slightly different or drastically different; there really is not a right answer. I think everybody should have a plan of how to improve peace in their homes and families and maybe even in the world.

My dream of peace can be achieved with a little work and some willingness. What is your dream of peace and how can you achieve it?

— Samantha Hake is an eighth grader at Concordia Junior High School. She is the daughter of Cayleen and Terrance Britt.             


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