Nov. 4, 2011: Global citizenship is a goal we should all want to achieve, by Zach Kyle

November 4, 2011 by

We must have peace, respect and justice. The best way to achieve that is by global citizenship, which means all of us understanding our role and responsibility not just for our city or country, but for the entire world.

Peace, respect and justice are all connected. With more peace throughout the world, people would be more respectful of each other. That respect then leads to more justice for everyone.

One great approach to promoting global citizenship is the foreign exchange program for high school students. Such programs let kids learn about different countries and the way people do different things. They can also break stereotypes and heal bad relationships between people of different countries.

At Concordia High School, we have a foreign exchange student – and football player — from Europe. Just by getting to know him, I have already learned more about different cultures and have gained a lifelong friend. I’ve become more of a global citizen.

Everyone needs to start working together more and helping each other out. We aren’t here to fight and start a war with each other.

There will be obstacles in your path of life to cause anger and confusion. How are you going to get around them? The answer to that question is up to you; whether you want to take on that obstacle or not do a thing about it is your decision. If we can get more people who want to get around these obstacles, work together and help others out, then we can all be better global citizens. It is a goal that we all should want to achieve.

A world with no boundaries is what I would like to see; a world where everybody has food, shelter and an opportunity to work; a world where there is peace, respect and justice for all; and a world where we can proudly proclaim our global citizenship.

— Zach Kyle is  a freshman at Concordia High School and a member of Friends of Rachel. He is the son of Penny and Jeremy Arnold.


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