Nov. 6, 2009: ‘Random acts’ spread kindness to strangers, by Haley Bowers

November 6, 2009 by

Kindness, “the state or quality of being kind.”

When a person is helpful, generous, sympathetic, or compassionate for no other reason than to be kind, it is a random act of kindness.

Many of us will go out of our way for family or friends, but when it comes to someone we don’t know… That’s harder — and yet that’s the point of a random act of kindness. For example, I was heading to one of our home football games and was looking for a decent parking stall. After a few laps, I found an exceptionally good one next to the entrance, but then I noticed a family van packed full of kids also looking for a close place to park. I decided to take a few more laps, allowing the family to claim the one I’d spotted.

Another “random act” can be to greet someone with a smile. It’s easy to spot someone having a bad day walking through our high school hallways. I believe that offering them a simple smile, or some assistance if that’s what’s needed, we can make all the difference. Kindness like this can have a great effect on a person’s life, no matter how small or big the deed it is. This is why we need to continue this kindness everywhere we go.

Challenge yourself and watch how it can brighten someone’s day and in return you get the feeling of self satisfaction.

— Haley Bowers is a senior at Concordia High School. She is the daughter of Charlie and Elaine Bowers.


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